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  • DP Foundation
    • Study the main types of wine found all over the world.
    • Learn how to taste wine and consider quality.
    • Receive tips and tricks for buying wine, making the best wine selections as well as pairing wine and food.
    • Learn how to enjoy wine as part of a healthy lifestyle.
    • Gain a footing in the world of wine as the basis for further study and exploration.
  • Dp Intermediate
    • How wine is made and other factors influencing wine styles.
    • Key white and black grape varieties.
    • Key wine-producing regions of the world.
    • Introduction to sparkling wines, sweet wines, fortified wines, spirits and liqueurs.
    • Understanding label terminology.
    • Understanding food and wine matching.
    • How to taste wine, using the Systematic Approach to Tasting (WSET Level 2).
  • DP Advanced
    • Advanced-level knowledge of all aspects of wine production.
    • How key factors affect the style, price and quality of wines.
    • In-depth study of wine-producing countries and regions of the world.
    • Greater coverage of sparkling wines, sweet wines and fortified wines.
    • Global label terminology.
    • Service and storage of wine and food and wine matching.
    • How to blind-taste wine, using the Systematic Approach to Tasting (WSET Level 3).
  • WSET Level 4 Diploma
    • A two-year course of study.
    • Learn about every aspect of wine through comprehensive WSET factors for Diploma-level.
    • Gain Diploma-level understanding of viticulture and vinification.
    • Understand the global wine business, studying global trends and honing your analytical skills.
    • In-depth study of the world's major sparkling and fortified wines.
    • Develop invaluable experience in the critical assessment of wine through higher-level tastings and Diploma-level theory exercises.