Dragon Phoenix offers a range of professional services to match your needs.

Wine Courses and
Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Training

Dragon Phoenix is mainland China’s leading independent wine education company.

As specialists in education, we have created a range of fun and informative courses catered to mainland Chinese wine lovers’ and professionals’ needs as well as providing international context on the global and ever-changing world of wine.

As a winner of the Riedel Trophy for WSET Educator of the Year (2016), Dragon Phoenix also offers the very best in the WSET’s qualifications, including its flagship qualification, the Level 4 Diploma in Wines.

With Dragon Phoenix
you can choose from the following courses

  • DP Foundation Wine Course

    A 1-day-course catered for wine beginners

  • DP Intermediate Wine Course

    Including WSET Level 2 Award in Wines and Spirits

  • DP Advanced Wine Course

    Including WSET Level 3 Award in Wines

  • WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines

    WSET’s flagship qualification.

Dragon Phoenix also offers master classes and non-certification courses with special themes, including our popular Wine Wednesday series and the DP Port and DP Madeira courses as well as pop-up tastings with visiting winemakers.

An additional service is bespoke educational courses created for specific wine regions or countries of origin.

Visit Courses for all inquiries, course registration and further information.

Available Focus Courses

International Consultancy Support

This service is for trade bodies, wine producers and wine companies seeking to grow awareness of their wines in China.

Dragon Phoenix has an established track record of working with international wine trade bodies – from Wine Australia and New Zealand Winegrowers to Wines of Chile and the Napa Valley Vintners – as well as with private wineries of all sizes. Dragon Phoenix has also been involved in market research working with Wine Intelligence and other organizations.

Please contact Edward Ragg

As independent consultants we are ideally placed
to offer the following services

  • Professional tasting to assess the quality of your wines and potential for the Chinese market.

  • Assessment of packaging and other market specific criteria.

  • Chinese-English and English-Chinese translation approved by experienced wine-savvy translators using official Chinese oenological vocabulary

  • Group testing: expose your wines to Chinese consumers or trade for direct feedback on taste profiles, packaging, pricing, positioning etc.

  • Event and tasting organization: from large scale wine fairs to seminars to dinners, all catered to your needs.

  • Market Research: from reports to detailed feedback on Chinese importers/distributors covering the mainland Chinese market(s).

Private and corporate
Wine Tastings

Want to arrange a special tasting event for your VIP guests or closest friends?  Seeking a fun and interactive workshop for your staff or clients?

We can come directly to your company or home to provide a tasting experience of the highest quality; or help arrange the best possible venue for your needs. As fully independent consultants we can provide advice on all aspects of wine for any meeting, including the arrangement of “blind” wine tastings or other themed events for staff or clients.

For further information, please contact Joanna Qiao

Dragon Phoenix can provide

  • Bespoke tastings and seminars specially designed for you and your guests

  • Unparalleled independent wine selection, cutting-edge venue and equipment organization

  • Knowledgeable and entertaining presenters to captivate you and your guests

  • Food-and-wine matching with Chinese and international cuisines

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What Our Students Say

I am a Vice President of a liquor franchising company. In 2017, I was very fortunate to study at Dragon Phoenix and have gone from being a total beginner to a WSET Level 3 Award in Wines holder, passing with ‘Distinction’. I am very thankful to Dragon Phoenix as I have gained a lot! As I work in wine selection, I am very aware of the importance of wine professionalism and developing a systematic understanding of wine. But this was something in which I felt a lack of experience. Dragon Phoenix has helped put me in the right direction and find the perfect solution. The systematic learning and training at Dragon Phoenix has helped me a lot in my work in wine selection. All my thanks to Dragon Phoenix, to Fongyee, Xing Wei, Liu Chang and Tang Zhu.


DP Advanced Wine Certificate Graduate

For me, wine is a happy thing. If I can gain knowledge, make friends and even set myself some goals while tasting wine, it can be even more fun! With Dragon Phoenix, I was fortunate to have all of these come true. Thank you!

WANG Chaozhao - Beijing

DP Advanced Wine Certificate Graduate

During my time studying at Dragon Phoenix, I have really felt the joy of learning and I believe it has been the most wonderful learning experience of my life. Due to my lack of professional knowledge in wine and a relatively weak foundation in English, I felt a sense of pressure and difficulty when I first started. But with the help of Dragon Phoenix, I was able to pursue my dream. Our teachers are mainly Fongyee Walker MW and her husband Edward Ragg, both of whom have a very high professional knowledge and make the classes extremely vivid and wonderful. Dragon Phoenix keeps on impressing me!


WSET Level 4 Diploma Graduate

In 2017, I came to Dragon Phoenix to study. I started right at the beginning, then did the WSET Level 2 Award in Wines and Spirits and then the WSET Level 3 Awards in Wines. I took part in numerous small courses also. Not only have I met a group of professional teachers and friends, but I have also gained great professional knowledge. With this, I am determined to step into the wine industry!

ZHAO LIN - Beijing

DP Advanced Wine Certificate Graduate, Frequent Student of DP Focus Courses

It’s been just two years since I started learning about wine! Transformed from a beginner to a super-fan; from enjoying simple self-study to exploring the professionally structured training at Dragon Phoenix; from feeling an emotional connection with wine, then developing a systematic way of studying and tasting. I learnt everything with passion and have become more professional too! This has provided me the opportunity to understand more advanced information about wine, even though there is always more to learn. If you really love wine, you should know that, thanks to the WSET and Dragon Phoenix's education programs, more people in China are now coming into the wine world with a professional and serious attitude!

XIE Jiabei - ChongQing

DP Advanced Wine Certificate Graduate