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“At the cutting-edge of Chinese wine education”

Decanter Magazine

How did Dragon Phoenix grow and come into fruition? Academics and university teachers, Fongyee Walker MW and Edward Ragg MW left Cambridge, England in 2007 and headed to Beijing in search of a new life and the chance to further the cause of Chinese wine education. Whilst teaching at Tsinghua University, they researched the Beijing market and in late 2007 Dragon Phoenix Wine Consulting was born.

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  • Dragon Phoenix Wine Courses and Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Training

    Dragon Phoenix is mainland China’s leading independent wine education company. As specialists in education, we have created a range of fun and informative courses catered to mainland Chinese wine lovers’ and professionals’ needs as well as providing international context on the global and ever-changing world of wine.

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  • International Consultancy Support

    This service is for trade bodies, wine producers and wine companies seeking to grow awareness of their wines in China. Dragon Phoenix has an established track record of working with international wine trade bodies – from Wine Australia and New Zealand Winegrowers to Wines of Chile and the Napa Valley Vintners – as well as with private wineries of all sizes.

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  • Private and Corporate Wine Tastings

    Want to arrange a special tasting event for your VIP guests or closest friends? Seeking a fun and interactive workshop for your staff or clients?
    Dragon Phoenix can provide the best solutions!

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Studying for and completing the WSET Diploma Award in Wines and Spirits at Dragon Phoenix was not a particularly difficult experience, but it was never easy! Fongyee’s analysis of the WSET Level 4 Diploma course structure is very important and highlighted to me how, although each unit is independent, the learning is holistic. Xing Wei also provided some support with exam answering skills, which was very helpful and allowed us to understand exam strategy better.

GUO YUE - Beijing

WSET Level 4 Diploma Online Course Graduate

Learning at Dragon Phoenix is the most enjoyable educational experience I have ever been part of! The classroom atmosphere is active and comfortable; and, most importantly, the educators have super-professional knowledge and advanced teaching skills. Not to forget the great wine selections and study materials too! Dragon Phoenix is truly the top wine educational institution in China! Fongyee, Xing Wei, Liu Chang, Gus Zhu, Liao Sang… each educator has their own style, distinct personality and clear thinking! They are my wine family in Beijing. Love you guys!

Zhang Yiqun - Beijing

DP Advanced Wine Certificate Graduate, Frequent Student of DP Focus Course

For me, wine is a happy thing. If I can gain knowledge, make friends and even set myself some goals while tasting wine, it can be even more fun! With Dragon Phoenix, I was fortunate to have all of these come true. Thank you!

WANG Chaozhao - Beijing

DP Advanced Wine Certificate Graduate

I started the two-year WSET Level 4 Diploma course in September 2015. I am very fortunate to have learnt about wine from Fongyee and Edward – especially in regards to blind-tasting and wine business knowledge – because if you only count on yourself it will be a long process of accumulation. Also, in the selection of wine, Dragon Phoenix is very conscientious. They always try to use some typical but sometimes hard-to-find wines and many wines have been brought by educators when they travelled abroad. Dragon Phoenix’s logistics are, frankly, perfect. Ding Li (we call her “Boss Ding”), who is Dragon Phoenix’s WSET Level 4 Course Co-ordinator, works really hard to help everyone customize their study plans so that we have no worries and can concentrate on the exam. Every time exam results come out, she will inform us straight away. I must say, in the two years of studying, Boss Ding's emails and WeChat messages are my most anticipated things! Finally, I feel that my biggest motivation in learning WSET Level 4 is the inspiration from Fongyee and Edward and their attitude towards wine. After I passed the WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines, my curiosity about wine became even stronger and I am now eager to continue learning even more.


WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines Graduate

During my time studying at Dragon Phoenix, I have really felt the joy of learning and I believe it has been the most wonderful learning experience of my life. Due to my lack of professional knowledge in wine and a relatively weak foundation in English, I felt a sense of pressure and difficulty when I first started. But with the help of Dragon Phoenix, I was able to pursue my dream. Our teachers are mainly Fongyee Walker MW and her husband Edward Ragg, both of whom have a very high professional knowledge and make the classes extremely vivid and wonderful. Dragon Phoenix keeps on impressing me!


WSET Level 4 Diploma Graduate


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