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  • DP Focused Wine Course

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  • DP Intermediate Wine Certificate (including WSET Lv.2 Award in Wines)

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  • WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines


“At the cutting-edge of Chinese wine education”

Decanter Magazine

How did Dragon Phoenix grow and come into fruition? Academics and university teachers, Fongyee Walker MW and Edward Ragg MW left Cambridge, England in 2007 and headed to Beijing in search of a new life and the chance to further the cause of Chinese wine education. Whilst teaching at Tsinghua University, they researched the Beijing market and in late 2007 Dragon Phoenix Wine Consulting was born.

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  • Dragon Phoenix Wine Courses and Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Training

    Dragon Phoenix is mainland China’s leading independent wine education company. As specialists in education, we have created a range of fun and informative courses catered to mainland Chinese wine lovers’ and professionals’ needs as well as providing international context on the global and ever-changing world of wine.

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  • International Consultancy Support

    This service is for trade bodies, wine producers and wine companies seeking to grow awareness of their wines in China. Dragon Phoenix has an established track record of working with international wine trade bodies – from Wine Australia and New Zealand Winegrowers to Wines of Chile and the Napa Valley Vintners – as well as with private wineries of all sizes.

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  • Private and Corporate Wine Tastings

    Want to arrange a special tasting event for your VIP guests or closest friends? Seeking a fun and interactive workshop for your staff or clients?
    Dragon Phoenix can provide the best solutions!

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Studying for and completing the WSET Diploma Award in Wines and Spirits at Dragon Phoenix was not a particularly difficult experience, but it was never easy! Fongyee’s analysis of the WSET Level 4 Diploma course structure is very important and highlighted to me how, although each unit is independent, the learning is holistic. Xing Wei also provided some support with exam answering skills, which was very helpful and allowed us to understand exam strategy better.

GUO YUE - Beijing

WSET Level 4 Diploma Online Course Graduate

Dragon Phoenix’s ‘Wine Wednesday’ series has been running for more than 100 classes and almost no duplicate topics can be found! For wine lovers, the small class does not have the pressure of exams but instead enables the opportunity to learn about and taste wines from all over the world at a reasonable price! I highly recommend this for all wine lovers!


DP Advanced Wine Certificate Graduate, Frequent Student of DP Focus Course

It’s been just two years since I started learning about wine! Transformed from a beginner to a super-fan; from enjoying simple self-study to exploring the professionally structured training at Dragon Phoenix; from feeling an emotional connection with wine, then developing a systematic way of studying and tasting. I learnt everything with passion and have become more professional too! This has provided me the opportunity to understand more advanced information about wine, even though there is always more to learn. If you really love wine, you should know that, thanks to the WSET and Dragon Phoenix's education programs, more people in China are now coming into the wine world with a professional and serious attitude!

XIE Jiabei - ChongQing

DP Advanced Wine Certificate Graduate

For me, wine is a happy thing. If I can gain knowledge, make friends and even set myself some goals while tasting wine, it can be even more fun! With Dragon Phoenix, I was fortunate to have all of these come true. Thank you!

WANG Chaozhao - Beijing

DP Advanced Wine Certificate Graduate

In 2017, I came to Dragon Phoenix to study. I started right at the beginning, then did the WSET Level 2 Award in Wines and Spirits and then the WSET Level 3 Awards in Wines. I took part in numerous small courses also. Not only have I met a group of professional teachers and friends, but I have also gained great professional knowledge. With this, I am determined to step into the wine industry!

ZHAO LIN - Beijing

DP Advanced Wine Certificate Graduate, Frequent Student of DP Focus Courses


  1. Meet Fongyee and Edward MW in our 2019 ProWine stand!



      As one of the most important wine and spirits trade fair in China, The 7th edition of ProWine China will be held in Shanghai from 12-14 November 2019. Followed...

  2. Edward Ragg MW(杜慕康)应邀成为The Wine Advocate(《葡萄酒倡导者》)中国区葡萄酒评论专家!

    龙凤美酒顾问最近真是喜闻不断,小编发来报道:Edward Ragg MW(杜慕康)应邀成为The Wine Advocate《葡萄酒倡导者》中国区葡萄酒评论家(此处掌声)!       《葡萄酒倡导者》是美国葡萄酒评论家罗伯特·帕克(Robert M. Parker)于1978年创立的双月葡萄酒刊物,可以说是世界上最具影响力的葡萄酒评论刊物。 在Parker准确预测了1982年波尔多葡萄酒的高品质之后,《葡萄酒倡导者》首次广为人知。很快成为美国优质葡萄酒消费者的标准参考。《葡萄酒倡导者》对全球优质葡萄酒的价格和市场需求都具有深远影响。 为了可以进一步覆盖全球大部分葡萄酒产区,并给葡萄酒打分。帕克在2006年组建了酒评家团队与其共事。《葡萄酒倡导者》的工作人员现在包括,Luis Gutierrez,Monica Larner,Joe Czerwinski,Lisa Perrotti-Brown MW等。       2019年8月,Edward Ragg MW(杜慕康)喜获葡萄酒大师的称号,而他的葡萄酒之旅开始于剑桥大学。在牛津大学获得英语学士学位之后,杜慕康教授前往剑桥攻读博士学位,在此期间,他担任剑桥葡萄酒盲品队长兼教练,并撰写修订了《剑桥大学盲品鉴赏指南》。 作为一位经验丰富的作家,杜慕康教授曾多次在国际葡萄酒杂志,文学杂志上广泛发表文章,并创作了三本诗歌集。他于2012年获得WSET Diploma文凭,2015年开始葡萄酒大师的学习,2019年获得葡萄酒大师称号!     多年来,杜慕康教授多次从事葡萄酒评审工作,曾担任McLaren Vale...

  3. 龙凤大新闻 | 2019年,龙凤美酒顾问首次入驻ProWine上海



    今年的ProWine上海有点厉害了,因为凤仪Edward两位葡萄酒大师,将带领龙凤美酒顾问团队首次以参展的方式亮相ProWine,并确定了我们的自己的展台号:W4X19 (敲黑板此处是重点)!     届时,凤仪和Edward两位老师,除了配合ProWine官方活动以外,其他时间将在我们的展台,为同学们带来精彩的活动,要签名,要合照的小伙伴,还记得我们的展台吗?W4X19!当然除了凤仪和Edward老师,我们也有全国各地的龙凤讲师,恭候您的到场! 龙凤的粉丝们,记得为我们打Call~ 关于Prowine上海更多的精彩内容,请点击下面连结: http://www.thedrinksbusiness.com/2019/09/prowine-china-2019-returns-for-its-seventh-edition/