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Wine Courses

Welcome to the wonderful world of wine!

  • DP Foundation Wine Course

    • Study the basic types of wine you’ll find around the world.
    • Learn how to taste wine and consider quality.
    • Receive tips and tricks for buying wine, making the best wine selections as well as pairing wine and food.
    • Learn how to make wine part of a healthy lifestyle.
    • Gain a footing in the world of wine so you can explore more!

  • DP Intermediate Wine Course (inc. WSET Level 2 Award in Wines and Spirits)

    • Learn how wine is made and other factors influencing wine styles
    • Understand the key white and black grape varieties
    • Understand the key wine-producing countries and regions of the world
    • Study the main sparkling, sweet and fortified wines, as well as spirits and liqueurs
    • Understand label terminology
    • Understand food and wine matching
    • Learn how to taste wine, using the Systematic Approach to Tasting (WSET Level 2)

  • DP Advanced Wine Course (inc. WSET Level 3 Award in Wines)

    • Gain advanced-level knowledge of all aspects of wine production
    • Study how key factors affect the style, price and quality of wines
    • Involves in-depth study of wine-producing countries and regions of the world
    • Offers greater coverage of sparkling wines, sweet wines and fortified wines
    • Understand global label terminology
    • Consider service and storage of wine and advanced level food-and-wine matching
    • Learn how to blind-taste wine using the Systematic Approach to Tasting (WSET Level 3)

  • WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines

    • Learn about every aspect of wine through comprehensive WSET factors for Diploma-level
    • Gain Diploma-level understanding of viticulture and vinification
    • Understand the global wine business, studying global trends and honing your analytical skills
    • In-depth study of the world’s major sparkling wines
    • In-depth study of the world’s major fortified wines
    • Develop invaluable experience in the critical assessment of wine through higher-level tastings and Diploma-level theory exercises

  • DP Focus Wine Courses

    • Short, but concentrated wine-themed courses
    • Gain the opportunity to approach wine in different ways.
    • Free from the pressure of exams!
    • Be exposed to wines perhaps you’ve never tasted before.

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What Our Students Say

Learning at Dragon Phoenix is the most enjoyable educational experience I have ever been part of! The classroom atmosphere is active and comfortable; and, most importantly, the educators have super-professional knowledge and advanced teaching skills. Not to forget the great wine selections and study materials too! Dragon Phoenix is truly the top wine educational institution in China! Fongyee, Xing Wei, Liu Chang, Gus Zhu, Liao Sang… each educator has their own style, distinct personality and clear thinking! They are my wine family in Beijing. Love you guys!

Zhang Yiqun - Beijing

DP Advanced Wine Certificate Graduate, Frequent Student of DP Focus Course

It’s been just two years since I started learning about wine! Transformed from a beginner to a super-fan; from enjoying simple self-study to exploring the professionally structured training at Dragon Phoenix; from feeling an emotional connection with wine, then developing a systematic way of studying and tasting. I learnt everything with passion and have become more professional too! This has provided me the opportunity to understand more advanced information about wine, even though there is always more to learn. If you really love wine, you should know that, thanks to the WSET and Dragon Phoenix's education programs, more people in China are now coming into the wine world with a professional and serious attitude!

XIE Jiabei - ChongQing

DP Advanced Wine Certificate Graduate

Studying for and completing the WSET Diploma Award in Wines and Spirits at Dragon Phoenix was not a particularly difficult experience, but it was never easy! Fongyee’s analysis of the WSET Level 4 Diploma course structure is very important and highlighted to me how, although each unit is independent, the learning is holistic. Xing Wei also provided some support with exam answering skills, which was very helpful and allowed us to understand exam strategy better.

GUO YUE - Beijing

WSET Level 4 Diploma Online Course Graduate

Dragon Phoenix’s ‘Wine Wednesday’ series has been running for more than 100 classes and almost no duplicate topics can be found! For wine lovers, the small class does not have the pressure of exams but instead enables the opportunity to learn about and taste wines from all over the world at a reasonable price! I highly recommend this for all wine lovers!


DP Advanced Wine Certificate Graduate, Frequent Student of DP Focus Course

During my time studying at Dragon Phoenix, I have really felt the joy of learning and I believe it has been the most wonderful learning experience of my life. Due to my lack of professional knowledge in wine and a relatively weak foundation in English, I felt a sense of pressure and difficulty when I first started. But with the help of Dragon Phoenix, I was able to pursue my dream. Our teachers are mainly Fongyee Walker MW and her husband Edward Ragg, both of whom have a very high professional knowledge and make the classes extremely vivid and wonderful. Dragon Phoenix keeps on impressing me!


WSET Level 4 Diploma Graduate